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The IoF2020 Partners Event 2019 – A Reflection of an Exciting Week

How technology supports optimum fruit load

International Green Week & The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture

In the week of January 17th, the International Green Week took place. 5.000 guests from all over the world listened to the speeches of e.g. the major of Berlin, the president of the German Farmers’ Union and the German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture. All speakers talked about the role of agriculture in their countries, the Brexit and the stability of Europe, as well as the growing importance of technology in agriculture. During the International Green Week, the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture took place. This is an international conference focused on the future of the global agri-food industry. The forum gives all stakeholders the opportunity to share ideas and enhance understanding of current agricultural policy.

Use Case Update: Fresh Table Grapes Chain & Automated Olive Chain

We know that the Internet of Things can relieve many difficulties that are faced throughout the whole food chain. Two of our use cases are for example researching the possible applications of IoT in the fresh table grape chain, and the olive chain. This potentially offers solutions to the challenges that are faced in both chains, for instance because grapes as well as olives are vulnerable fruits. They have a short shelf-life, they can be easily damaged in the different steps of the supply chain, and they are very vulnerable to pests. Weather conditions can also affect the growth of table grapes and olives a lot, since it is open field agriculture. Weather conditions make it difficult to ensure a high-quality and quantity produce of table grapes.

Decreasing Greenhouse Water Consumption

Our use case Chain-Integrated Greenhouse Production relies on IoT technology to ensure quality and transparency in the entire tomato supply chain. The improved quality is achieved by the precise application of resources like pesticides and water. On this latter part, the use case currently made some great achievements.

DATAGRI: A reference forum for promoting digital transformation in the Spanish agri-food sector

DATAGRI 2018 has raised as the reference forum in Spain on digital transformation in the agri-food sector. It brought together some 1,500 professionals, including farmers, auxiliary industry, technology companies and administration, to analyse the present and future of agriculture 4.0. Organized by Agrifood Cooperatives of Spain, Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Agricultores y Ganaderos (COAG), the technological company Hispatec and the University of Córdoba, it took place in Cordoba on 26 and 27 November.

Use Case Update: Enhanced Quality Certification System

Discovering the origin of one’s wine while consuming it from the comfort of your own home? Our use case Enhanced Quality Certification System will make this possible. But let’s not put the cart before the horse as there is much more to it than that. Quality certification systems are needed to enhance trust and provide a standardized approach, protecting the quality of EU products while being less vulnerable to fraud. This is achieved by the use of IoT technologies such as sensors, RFID tags and intelligent chain analyses. Those traceability tools, online registration and sensor data provide proof of origin and production method to certification bodies.

Use Case Update: Poultry Chain Management

The growth of poultry relies on the environment in which the bird feels comfortable, as well as on good-quality feed and water. In this use case, the performance of the poultry production chain is optimised through IoT driven technologies. This means raising poultry until the desired end weight while at the same time respecting and prioritizing animal welfare.

Use Case Update: Automated Olive Chain and Fresh Table Grapes Chain

Due to the increasing competition from other countries and the rapid decline of olive harvests caused by the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, the olive sector is under more and more pressure. Similar threats apply to table grapes, which are cultivated in another use case of the IoF2020 project. Like olives, these fruits are also vulnerable to pests, have a short shelf-life and can easily be damaged in every step along the supply chain. Therefore, both use cases explore how IoT technologies can help to face those challenges.

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