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IoF2020 at Grüne Woche 2020

By 365 Farmnet -

Representing IoF2020, 365 Farmnet was present at the Grüne Woche 2020 in January. The event counts as one of the most important agricultural fairs in Europe, and therefore a must for IoF2020 to show the future of digitalised agriculture. 

Attracting over 400.000 visitors including countless ministers, EU parliamentarians, and decision-makers from the agricultural world, the Grüne Woche in Berlin is one of the largest agricultural fairs in Europe. Over the span of ten days, 1.800 stands representing 61 countries present the latest developments in European and world agriculture. IoF2020 was present through a partner with a stand in the aptly called ‘Innovation Hall’.

Our Partner, 365 Farmnet, uses advanced data systems to help farmers rely less on crop protection products. This aim is achieved in a variety of implementation possiblities of IoT products in farming. Think abour a tractor equipped with cameras that can see exactly where crops are growing. Such developments then make it possible to hoe precisely between crop rows, hence weeding more efficiently. This technique is especially important in organic agriculture, where weeds are often controlled mechanically. Other techniques include the use of satellite imagery, whose infra-red images create highly detailed images of soil fertility. Through the use of this technology, manure or soil improvers can be used much more precisely in the cultivation plan, preserving costs and the environment.

The stand allowed us to show several short documentaries and videos highlighting the project, while Klaus-Herbert Rolf, Network Manager at 365 Farmnet, was available for a chat. Around 200 people visited the booth per day, all of which for around 15 minutes. Some 200 politicians also made their appearance, coming from all over the world and showing special interest in the precision hoeing machine. Amongst the polititians were a lot of Germans, and Eastern Europeans such as Poles and Hungarians. Surprisingly, there was also a lot of interest coming from Africa, where mobile phone-connected technologies are quick to be embraced. The biggest advantages for them, lie in the harvest and sowing advice tailored to weather conditions. According to Klaus-Herbert, these new data systems offer possibilities that benefit ecology as well as economy, this is essential for the future of agriculture.


The attendance of 365 Farmnet and IoF2020 is vital, as it serves as a centre for well-informed and interested people. As a proud IoF2020 member, 365 Farmnet is granted great access to various countries, each of which with different farming habits. Furthermore, in line with our the company’s aim to create international standards regarding the use of data networkd, IoF2020 holds a major role.


Find out more about the event on their website


The event also hosted an array of speakers, from CEO's and ministers to the EU Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski. Read their statements here:



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