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By Stanislas Demeestere -

Farmer's questionnaire on precision crop management

Our trial around precision crop management sent out a questionnaire to the farmers that are part of the use case. The questonaire aimed at highlighting the technical-economic changes, IoF2020 technology has already induced.
By Stanislas Demeestere -

Architecture framework of IoT-based Food and Farm Systems: A Multiple Case Study

Many outcomes of research under IoF2020 are rather technical. Not in the least the work done by the work package on IoT Integration and Capabilities. The work package has been developing a reference architecture for IoT uses in agriculture, and has published their findings. This article is a comprehensive summary of their findings.
By Stanislas Demeestere -

IoF2020 goes to Vilnius

All IoF2020 arable farming use cases met up in Vilnius, Lithuania on October 14 and 15. They learned more on the research carried out, and the technologies in the Baltic use case.
By Stanislas Demeestere -

A role for the digitalisation of agriculture in the greening of the EU

The EU has the most extensive integrated agricultural policy in the world. It has already proven to be able to liase it, to an extent, to EU environmental law. New farming technologies, of which IoF2020 is an excellent example, can be beneficial to environmental issues and help bridge agriculture and environmental policy.
By Stanislas Demeestere -

ILVO welcomes the public to meet IoF2020

ILVO welcomed the public to its premises in light of open company-weekend in Belgium. A lot of interested parties came to learn more about IoF2020 and the future of food and farming.
By Stanislas Demeestere -

Use Case Update: Poultry Chain management

Use Case 5.2 aims to optimise poultry chain management in all its aspects. Broken down into three distinct levels, the Use Case has made strides in the development of the 'Smart Farm Assistant', with which the in-farm operations are made more efficient. The first data coming out of the project are promising, but continued developments in sensors and other technology create the needs for the processing of data to catch up.
By Stanislas Demeestere -

Drought, Climate Change and the Pressing Potential of IoF2020 technologies

As felt these last summers, the effects of climate change are not waiting for our mitigation and adaptation action. The reaction of the EU to this summer's drought shows that IoF2020 is vital in coping with these current and future challenges.
By Stanislas Demeestere -

The Common Agricultural Policy: Investing in Technology

The CAP is embarking on a new path: in search of the farming practices of tomorrow it aims to unite environmentally sound, effective, and competitive farming practices. In that pursuit, it supports the developments in IoF2020 and is entirely aligned with its objectives.
By Juan Sagarna -

Digital transformation is on the political agendas globally

Earlier this year, the FAO held a high-level seminar on Digital Agriculture Transformation and people from all around the world participated in it. Considering the relevance of the event and the connections with IoT, we naturally could not miss out on it. The General Director, Graziano da Silva, opened the event by mentioning how profoundly digital technologies change not only agricultural practices but the overall food system.
By Manuel Winter -

Use Case Update: Feed Supply Chain Management

Stakeholders in the animal feed industry often struggle with the timing and quantity evaluation when restocking their feed silos. These struggles stem mostly from outdated supply chain management. This use case aims to decrease costs and improve labour efficiency for feed suppliers and livestock farmers, by developing an integral feed stock management system to optimise the entire supply chain.
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