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IoF2020 Online Magazine – Vol. 5

We are proud to present the fifth IoF2020 Online Magazine to you. In this edition we announce the upcoming IoF2020 Partner Event, shed some light on the Open Call evaluation which led to 13 new use cases joining our project this year, and present a foreword by Sjaak Wolfert, our Scientific Coordinator.

Would you like to learn about the IoF2020 ecosystem building strategy? Find out more about the IoF2020 Partner Event? Or get insights on the ethical implications surrounding IoT technologies? Then have a look at the 5th edition of the IoF2020 online magazine!

trials and use-cases

Potato Data Processing Exchange
Farm machine interoperability
Precision crop management
Within-field Management Zoning Baltics
Traceability for food and feed logistics
Data-driven potato production
Within-field management zoning
Solar-powered field sensors
Soya protein management
Happy Cow
Multi-sensor cow monitoring
Early Lameness detection through machine learning
Grazing cow monitor
Precision Mineral Supplementation
Remote dairy quality
Smart Orchard Spray Application
Big wine optimisation
Automated olive chain
Fresh table grapes chain
Intelligent fruit logistics
Beverage Integrity Tracking
Poultry Chain Management
Interoperable Pig Health Tracking
Decision-Making Optimisation in Beef Supply Chain
Feed Supply Chain Management
Pig farm management
Meat Transparency and traceability
Digital ecosystem utilisation
Added-value weeding data
Enhanced quality certification system
City farming for leafy vegetables
Chain-integrated greenhouse production

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