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Traceability for food and feed logistics


Francis Verhelst


Liesbet Van der Perre
Steven Sanders

Traceability for food and feed logistics

Establishing a detection system that guarantees the correct logistics of feed and a complete traceability of the delivery process.


This use case deploys an innovative approach that secures and authenticates the transport of bulk-goods in the agri-food chain, both for feed and food with zero risk of contamination. Animal feed and human food producers invest a substantial amount of resources to establish a safe and traceable process for their products up until they depart the production site. However, no further control mechanism exists for the transport and delivery of these goods to customers’ silos. As a result, bulk goods are often delivered to the wrong silo, causing contamination and damages for the customer. A fully automated silo detection system, using IoT solutions, guarantees that the right bulk contents are correctly delivered, and that the specifics of that delivery are registered. Therefore, this use case makes the whole process fully traceable and mitigates the risk of contamination.

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Achievements, products & services

Real time data delivery and localisation of all trailers

Secured delivery procedures through traceability from factory to client

Detailed monitoring of the discharging procedure and

Direct alarm in case of deviations during the deliveries

Data concerning preventive maintenance data of the end-user’s transport fleet

Improved food safety in supply chain by prevention of feed contamination

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