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Soya protein management


Georg Spreitzer


Piero Ciriani
Alessandra Bonamano

This use case is organic!

Soya protein management

Improving protein production by combining sensor data and translating them into effective machine task operations.


Most plant based proteins are derived from the soya bean. Currently, the EU imports around 32 million tons of soya (mainly as processed soya meal) per year to feed its livestock. This makes the EU highly dependent on soya producing countries such as Brazil, Argentina and the US. Furthermore, the European production of legumes has been steadily declining over the last 50 years. The EU is thus increasingly dependent on other countries’ protein crops. It also has adverse effects on soil fertility, biodiversity and water quality due to over-farming with other crops and a shorter crop rotation.

This use case addresses the current lack of technological innovation in the cultivation and processing of protein plants. Through smart farming technologies, such as decision support systems and better sensor data to optimise machine task operations, this use case aims to reintroduce and increase soybean cultivation in the EU.

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Achievements, products & services

Decision Support System for soybean growers to maximise yield and protein content

Information about production efficiency of different field zones through GIS based field management

Easy to install and movable IoT weather sensors

Mapping of protein grown on the field through NIR-sensor

Increased profit and optimised irrigation feature

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