IoF2020 comprises 120+ partners from 22 countries. The project is led by Wageningen University & Research. Among the consortium partners are:

  • 58 partners directly participating in at least one of the operational use cases;
  • 34 partners involved in facilitating the use case in governance and business support;
  • 21 partners supporting specific IoT technologies, covering the expertise and capabilities for the complete IoT value chain;
  • 48 partners with their roots in the agri‐food sector;
  • 38 partners from the private sector, of which 24 are SMEs;
  • 32 partners from the not‐for‐profit sector, of which 12 public academic institutes;
  • 1 strategic partner from Korea (whose budget is covered by the Korean government).

IoF2020 is structured in 6 Work Packages, developed to help IoF2020 deliver its results:

  • Work Package 1 ‘Project Management and Coordination’ oversees the project as a whole and ensures the objectives are met on time and within budget.
  • Work Package 2 ‘Trial Management’ organizes the execution of the trials, demonstrating/validating the business case of IoT technologies for a large number of application areas as found in the use cases.
  • Work Package 3 ‘IoT’ guides use cases on how to leverage existing IoT technologies, approaches, methodologies and guidelines to facilitate their collaboration and enable technology uptake by end-users and IoT solution providers.
  • Work Package 4 ‘Business Support’ assesses the use case innovations’ market readiness, defines business models and prepares market entry.
  • Work Package 5 ’Ecosystem Development’ conceptualizes and implements the IoF2020 communication/dissemination activities in view of a sustainable ecosystem for the long-term application of IoT technologies in the agri-food sector.
  • Work Package 6 ‘Ethics requirements’ defines and monitors the ethics requirements that the participants/partners of IoF2020 must comply with.

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