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Euronews report on IoF2020

By Stanislas Demeestere -

In the beginning of the year, Euronews has spent time on the farms of two use cases in the Fruit and meat trials in Greece and Sweden. The aim of the report they shot was to highlight the potential of digital solutions in the agrifood sector. The report was a part of the ‘Futuris’ series, covering future technology in Europe in an array of fields. Two main highlights were shown in the piece: the economic potential, and the environmental potential. In the olive groves of Peloponnesos, three different forms of IoF2020 technology were showcased to improve control, irrigation and soil management. Its potential of reducing manual labour, increasing yield, and reducing the farm’s environmental impact was discussed by farmers and the local representative. In the Swedish case, focus was laid on the potential of easing the burden placed on farmers to comply with animal welfare laws in the country. Connected ear-marks on sows can tell the physiological signs of emotional and physical strain well before visual signs do so. This allows for the farmers to act with all the knowledge they need to create the ideal circumstances for both animal and farmer. 

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