Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is key to satisfy the increasing world-wide demand for good quality animal products in combination with responsible farming. To reduce environmental impact, diminish resource use and increase animal welfare while at the same time intensifying productivity is the imminent challenge faced by the dairy sector.

Since the abolition of milk quota in 2015, milk has been subject to heavy price fluctuations. In order to remain competitive on the world market, the European dairy sector needs to improve its production processes. The dairy trial addresses this challenge by combining real‐time sensor data gathered from neck collars with GPS, machine learning technologies and cloud-based services to create more value in the dairy chain.

Data on the feeding patterns of cows will provide input to detect health issues at an early stage, for example. Quality data to calibrate sensors remotely will improve milk quality monitoring. In the dairy trial, IoT technology helps to use resources more efficiently, ensure high quality milk, improve animal welfare and decrease environmental impact.

The use cases will utilize the platform 365Farmnet to enable the seamless exchange of IoT data and services.

Interview with the Dairy Trial Chair

Multi-sensor cow monitoring
Remote Milk quality
Precision Mineral Supplementation
Early Lameness detection through machine learning
Grazing cow monitor
Happy Cow

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