Cogeca presents 2017 European Awards for Cooperative Innovation

Last week, the 2017 European Awards for Cooperative Innovation were presented in the European Parliament to five agri-cooperatives for their outstanding innovation practices and solutions by Cogeca, the voice of European agri-cooperatives.

Opening the event, Cogeca President Thomas Magnusson said “These awards aim to promote practices and innovative solutions designed by cooperatives. Since 2009, Cogeca – the voice of European agri-cooperatives - recognizes and celebrates the outstanding innovation practices of European agri cooperatives. I am very pleased with the quality of the projects submitted this year. Agri-cooperatives make sure that innovative solutions are workable at farm level as they take into consideration all aspects of the project from the technical, social, environmental and economic aspects of it. The EU has a key role to play in boosting innovation in the sector and increasing competitiveness, investment, growth and jobs and I am glad to see that greater focus will be put on research and innovation in the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)”.

In this context, IoF2020 also has a reason to celebrate! One of its partners, the Spanish cooperative DCoop Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza (DCoop), won the runner up prize related to the use of ICT and digitalization for deploying new technologies on olive and livestock farms as well as in processing facilities. These ICT tools provide full traceability of the product and offer the consumers a better understanding of its added-value. We would like to congratulate DCoop to this marvelous achievement and look forward to collaborating together in the coming years.

For more information on the work of DCoop within IoF2020, please visit the Automated Olive Chain use-case of the IoF2020 fruit trial.

Besides this, at a Business Presidency Forum in Brussels that took place on 29 November 2017, Cogeca called for a coherent EU strategy to promote the digital transformation of the agri-food chain. In specific, the association emphasized the crucial role of agricultural cooperatives in driving the sector towards the uptake of digital technologies. Launching the event, Cogeca President Thomas Magnusson pointed out that “Digital technologies can help to achieve a more sustainable and competitive agriculture sector. Failure to uptake many innovative technologies on farms in the past have been down to the size of the farm, a lack of training or the high investments required. Agri-cooperatives can help their farmer owners overcome these challenges”.

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