IoF2020 Webinar - Which solutions can IoT bring to Grape & Wine producers?

We will give you some answers during this webinar organized by Vinidea in the IoF2020 project frame. The webinar will take place the 9th of December at 16 CET.

Presentations will be made by CIHEAM, Laboratoire IMS Bordeaux, Denis Dubourdieu Domaines, Ertus, ISVEA, Valoritalia, Wenda and ST Microelectronics. The talks will be held in English with simultaneous translations in French, Italian and Spanish.

The detailed program of the event:

  • 16h00 Welcome and instructions
    The relevance of IoT technologies in agriculture, EU and global trends - George Beers – Wageningen University and Research, IoF2020 project coordinator
    About the IoF2020 project  - Jovana Vlaskalin - Biosense Institute 
    Are IoT technologies useful for grape&wine production - Gianni Trioli - Vinidea
  • 16h15 Implementation of IOT technologies all among the value chain of grapes
    Soil sensors for temperature and humidity, post-harvest - Vincenzo Verrastro, CIHEAM
  • 16h30 New tools for monitoring vine conditions
    Image analysis, yield estimation, phenology, health monitoring - Christian Germain, Laboratoire IMS Bordeaux & Jean- Jacques Dubourdieu, Denis Dubourdieu Domaines 
  • 16h45 How to simplify your daily work using Process2Wine a smart viticulture solution?
    Management software viticulture wine making - Olivier Sommier, ERTUS
  • 17h00 Remote Wine Analysis - or FT-IR spectrometry within everyone's reach
    Fermentation products Stefano Ferrari, ISVEA
  • 17h15 IoT tools to enhance and strengthen the certification of quality wines
    Auditor tools, vineyard and cellar inspection, remote monitoring wine-making, virtual reality in wine promotion - Francesca Romero, Matteo Balderacchi, Valoritalia
  • 17h30 Collaboration and traceability in the wine supply chain: a platform at the sector service
    Temperature, humidity, shocks monitoring during transport, interaction with final customer - Mattia Nanetti, WENDA
  • 17h45 The infrastructure behind the IoT smart system: to reduce vine entrants, handle cellar complexity and improve wine quality - Mario Diaznava, ST Microelectronics
  • 18h00 Q&A

You can register for the webinar here

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