Challenges of Our Era Summit 2018

The Challenges Of Our Era Summit is about action, not talk. Two days of debate and discussion on solutions and innovation on food and technology scheduled on 6 and 7 March 2018 in Milan, Italy. This summit wants to change the world by radically improving access to necessities of modern life. Innovation is key to fix these global problems.

The summit will gather policy-makers, innovators, technologists along with academic in food and technology. The event programme includes keynote speakers discussing the role of science, technology and innovation and why it is important to favour and invest in them to create a resilient and a sustainable future. Moreover, the summit offers practical sessions facilitated by experts in areas like:

  • Agriculture and food production. With a global population estimated to reach around 10 billion inhabitants by 2050, the World Bank estimates that increasing agriculture yields can have a higher poverty alleviation power than other forms of economic growth.
  • Data for good, since access to the benefits of the digital revolution is not shared equally - and new information technologies can transform education, governance, finance and the economy for the benefit of all.

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