Future IPM 3.0: Sustainable Crop Production and Protection

The international conference on “Future Integrated Pest Management” will not be a mere scientific congress, but it will combine a list of events to share scientific, technical and market knowledge on the major pillars of sustainable crop production.

The program of the Future IPM 3.0 conference will include three parallel session on the working groups of the International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control - West Palaearctic Regional Section (IOBCWPRS) introduced by a keynote plenary session and a divulgate event on main IPM aspects:

  • Plenary session: Una produzione agricola competitiva e le sfide della produzione sostenibile (in Italian)
  • Plenary session: FutureIPM 3.0 towards a sustainable agriculture (General assembly IOBCWPRS, keynote lectures on key IPM topics sponsored by the OECD Co-operative research programme: : Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems.)

Parallel workshops:

  • Induced Resistance in plants: the contribution of science to an effective field application (IOBC-WPRS WG Induced resistance in plants against insects and diseases)
  • Novel tools and new challenges for IPM in viticulture (IOBC-WPRS WG Integrated protection in viticulture)


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