Global Innovative Food-Agri Event

The Global Innovative Food-Agri Event is a two-day event that includes 4 dedicated conferences and an exhibition devoted to bringing together entrepreneurs, researchers, and international leading speakers from academia and business:

  • Vertical Farming Conference (June 28, 2017): a growing population, increased urbanization, climate change, and depletion of natural resources are the biggest challenges to food security. Vertical farming offers possible the solutions. This conference will give you the ins and outs of the latest developments of this innovative farming management method.
  • Smart Farming Conference (June 29, 2017): after the mechanization of agriculture and the introduction of agrichemicals, digital technologies are now set to unleash the Third Agricultural Revolution, Smart Farming. This conference will answer your questions on new business models and the latest developments in sustainable food production.
  • Smart Food Farming Expo (June 28-29, 2017): The Smart Food Farming Expo is a platform for business and research, bringing together companies from the entire food industry supply chain.

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