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The Internet of Food and Farm 2020 (IoF2020) project aims to consolidate Europe’s leading position in the Internet of Things (IoT)-technology applied to the agri-food sector. We develop an ecosystem consisting of farmers, food companies, policy-makers, technology providers, research institutes and end-users. The project aims to solve the European food and farming sectors’ social challenges, maintain their competitiveness and increase their sustainability. 

Use case posters & IoF2020 poster

The IoF2020 project is organized around 33 use cases covering 5 sectors (arabledairyfruitsmeat and vegetables) to develop, test and demonstrate IoT technologies in an operational farm environment all over Europe. The use case posters provide a summary of each use case and can be downloaded jointly in one file. The IoF2020 poster represents the visual identity of the project.

Download use case posters (.zip 6MB)

Download IoF2020 poster (.zip 26MB)


Additional material

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