IoF2020 is expected to produce 40 deliverables:

Work Package - Project Management and Coordination

  • D1.1: IoF2020 Open Call;
  • D1.2: Catalogue of Use Cases, Project Management and Quality Assurance Guidelines;
  • D1.3: Detailed Work Plan;
  • D1.4: Data Management Plan;
  • D1.5: Data Management Plan and Support pack;
  • D1.6: Consolidated Report on Synergies with other IoT Large Scale Projects.

Work Package - Trial Management

Work Package - IoT

Work Package - Business Support

Work Package - Ecosystem Development

Work Package – Ethics and Responsible Design

  • D7.1: Literature review;
  • D7.2: List of ethical questions related to use-cases;
  • D7.3: Cards for the interactive session;
  • D7.4: Analysis report of the interactive sessions;
  • D7.5: Catalogue of designs of human-technology interactions in smart farming;
  • D7.6: (Revised) guideline and/or code of conduct;
  • D7.7: Overview of preconditions for data sharing;
  • D7.8: Draft publications on the basis of our findings.

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