Pig farm management

The demands for sustainable production in the competitive pig farming industry can only be met when the whole production chain from farm to fork becomes more efficient. To optimise the management of pig farms, data collection and analyzation is key. This use case focusses on linking data across the value chain in order to provide the pig farmers with the necessary information to effectively implement and carry out their management activities.


pig records


boar taint



Specific goals

  • Provide the farmer with management information that enables continuous improvement of its sustainable production;
  • Create over 2000 pig records;
  • Involve 5 farms in the project and support with data collection;
  • Develop early warning systems on several group-level daily data streams;
  • Report back boar taint presence to farmers and link with preventive measures.

Expected results

  • Reduced boar taint in meat
  • Increased feed efficiency
  • Increased average daily gains
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Lowered carbon footprint

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