Meat Transparency and traceability

Today food is all about communication. Consumers want to know what they are eating: is it healthy, safe, fresh, organic and locally produced? This use case aims to increase transparency in the meat value chain.  A data system collects and shares data that is not yet covered by existing traceability data systems with supply chain partners. The majority of the data will be collected in the use case on Pig Farm Management.


data of pork quality with supply chain


quality of product


reduce overall waste

Specific goals 

  • Share information with supply-chain partners to optimise business processes and reduce negative environmental aspects;
  • Identify quality issues such as interruption of the cold chain;
  • Increase transparency between producers and consumers. 

Expected results

  • Increased consumer trust in meat production 
  • Improved communication on the animals’ welfare and health 
  • Optimised business processes
  • Verification of pork quality
  • Increased margins for high-quality products
  • Improved environmental performance (e.g. energy consumption, waste creation)

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