Beverage Integrity Tracking

The journey from producer to consumer is a process that can negatively affect the quality of beverages. In response to this risk, this use case provides insights into the distribution process for all actors involved. To this end, they have created an integrated system that monitors the whole wine and beverage distribution channel to prevent damages caused by integrity-related issues during shipping and storage, establish a direct relationship between producers and retailers, create a large database to plan safe shipments thereby allowing new and customised IoT-based insurance policies. This is achieved through an algorithm-based system which tracks beverage integrity during distribution by monitoring stress factors (temperature, humidity, shocks) and assessing quality by analytics. All of this is made possible by a platform that analyses and displays the information recorded during the journey by a smart data logger placed in every box, in order to validate the integrity of beverages.


products delivered in good condition


products returned due to damage


recovered value

Specific goals

  • Empower the beverage supply-chain with a shared, affordable Plug and Play platform;
  • Make the wine distribution process more transparent to both wineries, merchants and consumers;
  • Create a blockchain environment for users to certify the data for legal use;
  • Establish a general database with data from all the participants on wine shipping open through license to insurance companies to propose IoT-based insurance policies;
  • Build up useful knowledge on transportation conditions to optimise future deliveries;
  • Reduce costs derived from the hazards of transportation;
  • Ensure the quality of wine during transport, by tracking wines from producer to consumer with sensors that register temperature, humidity, and shock.

Expected results

  • Product returned due to damage claim -60%
  • Best price mean of transportation +50%
  • Consumer satisfaction increase
  • 12 wineries
  • 24 distributors
  • 48 retailers
  • 30 IoT sensors

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