Open Call Internet of Food & Farm 2020

IoF2020, the leading €35m EU project on large-scale IoT innovation in agri-food, is launching a €6m Open Call in June 2018 at the IoT Week in Bilbao. 

Increasing Impact

The primary objective of the Open Call is to increase the scale and impact of the IoF2020 initiative. The Open Call will allow new use case teams to join our journey within the Internet of Food and Farm to enlarge the number of IoF2020 stakeholders and create more impact on the European farming and food sector.

About IoF2020 & its current community

The goal of Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) is to make precision farming a reality and to take a crucial step towards a more sustainable and transparent food supply chain. With the help of Internet of Things (IoT)-technologies, farmers of the future are expected to produce higher yields and better-quality food products, with less use of pesticides, fertilizer, and water. Furthermore, IoT technologies also enable better traceability of food, leading to increased food safety.

In 2017, the IoF2020-project has established an initial community with diverse European stakeholders, developing innovative IoT-based solutions for the European food and farming industry. Nineteen use-cases organised around five trials (arable, dairy, fruits, meat and vegetables) develop, test and demonstrate IoT technologies in an operational environment in Europe, benefiting both conventional and organic agri-food chains.

Major challenges

For the Open Call we are looking for highly impactful and market-ready IoT innovations that will be validated and demonstrated, following the multi-actor approach in: 

1 - IoT use cases in new regions

Since especially the eastern and northern part of Europe are less covered by the current IoF2020 use cases, we are welcoming new use cases from these regions. We encourage using the experience, results and knowledge of the existing use cases, validating their application in the context of a new region.

2 - Post-farm use cases and other sectors

We are welcoming use cases that extend the impact of IoF2020 further downstream the supply chain. Complementary areas could be in e.g. logistics, processing, retail and in particular the end-consumer. Use cases addressing other subsectors (other crops, animals, etc.) are also encouraged. 

Applicants do not have to choose between the two challenges but can also address both challenges at the same time.

Proposal scope

IoF2020 looks for proposals that present in a convincing way a high impact on the supply chain, a high level of technical feasibility & innovation as well as a strong economic sustainability. Proposals should be supported by a coherent team of stakeholders that represent the entire IoT supply chain (technology providers, service integrators, end-users, etc.). As IoF2020 is following the multi-actor approach, proposals submitted by single parties will not be considered. For a promising proposal, applicants will have to involve all relevant partners, develop a strong team and address the most relevant challenges in technology and in the value chain.

Proposals focusing on one challenge and specifically just validating experience, results and knowledge of an existing use case in a new region are eligible for costs of up to 300k€. Proposals covering both challenges (for example: new technology development or new supply chain stakeholders, in a new region) are eligible for costs of up to 500k€.

Support and timeframe

As soon as the detailed Open Call is published in June 2018, IoF2020 will offer to meet our teams at specific events to learn more about the latest status. We will also provide further information like “frequently asked questions” and regular updates about our activities on the IoF2020 website. Please follow us on twitter to receive regular news about IoT and agri-food topics. If you are hesitating and not sure if your idea or team might be eligible or relevant for the IoF2020 Open Call, you are welcome to contact us.

After the submission deadline, independent external experts will evaluate the eligible proposals. At the end of 2018 the winning new teams will receive deliverable-based contracts to start their use case in January 2019. 

Indicative calendar*


Open Call Step

June 5, 2018

Open call official text publication

September 30, 2018

Deadline for receiving applications

October 31, 2018

Communication of the evaluation results to applicants

December 31, 2018

Contracting with successful proposals and prepayment

January 1, 2019

Start of new use cases





*Please note that the dates are for convenience purposes only and may be subject to modifications.


If you are interested in the Open Call and you want to share your ideas for a new team and use case with us.

Open Call submission

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the information to be received in the exchanges with the support team is provided “as is” and no guarantee or warranty is given that the information is fit for any particular purpose. The user thereof uses the information at its sole risk and liability. No rights can be derived from the information received. 
As indicated above, the evaluation of proposals will be realised by independent external experts, not by members of the IoF2020 consortium.

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