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You missed out on any of our open access IoF2020 webinars or education activites performed by our project partners? Below you can download or revisit all of them again.


Education Material

From Use Case to Showcase - 20 Golden Rules
This digital magazine provides guidelines for a successful promotion of your activities on social media and tips on how to amplify your outreach. You can find the magazine via this link or by clicking on the picture below.


Investment Deals & Pitching in Agrifood - IoF2020 Work Package 4
Click here for more information and to register for this webinar.

European Digital Test Farm Network - IoF2020 Work Package 4
The market is full of digital solutions for farmers ranging from simple tools to full-blown farm management systems. However, the objective benefit and impact for the farmer is in many case not clear and some cases not even validated. This webinar is dedicated towards farmers, digital service providers, investors and educators in the agrifood tech domain and gives insights on the test farm concept.
If you are interested to support the establishment of the European Digital Test Farm Network, please visit, register your interest and we will keep you up-to-date on any further developments of the network.

Price Setting for IoT Solutions in Agrifood - IoF2020 Work Package 4
In today's world of digital farm tools, the value of data and data-driven knowledge reaches far across the value chain and business models tend to become rather complex. Costs and benefits are spread across many players and it is hard for a service provider to set a price for their services. In this webinar you will receive practical tips and considerations to define your pricing strategy and price level for IoT services and hardware based on experiences gained in IoF2020. Introduction to the topic by Carlijn Savelkouls of Wageningen Economic Research. Second presenter on Hardware Pricesetting, experiences from Sensowave, is Carlos Callejero. Last speaker on Software Pricesetting, experiences from Agricolus, is Andrea Cruciani. Followed by a Q&A part with participants.


Business Model Challenges - IoF2020 Work Package 4
​​​​What are the business model challenges of platform service models in Agriculture? Learn how Platform Service models are changing the way data or/and information is exchanged in the agri-food sector. Different type of Platform service models allow for value co-creation by offering complementary components and applications that are developed in emerging ecosystems of third party developers. Introducing you to this topic is Jos Verstegen of Wageningen Economic Research. Expert speakers will be Patrick Honcoop of 365FarmNet on distribution platforms for software services. Vik Vandecaveye of CNH industries will tell you more about possible business models for open data exchange.

Consumer Behaviour - IoF2020 Work Package 4
In this webinar researchers from Wageningen Economic Research explain how consumer’s buying behaviour is determined and, in turn, how these insights can be used to enhance influence, marketing efforts and sales.

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