Enhanced quality certification system

The EU quality certification system and protected designation of origin (PDO) is a powerful tool to protect the quality of EU products, especially in foreign markets. It comes at a cost, however. The standardized approach is subject to fraud and the bureaucratic burden hinders its implementation. IoT technology can help to solve these issues. Traceability tools, online registration and sensor data provide proof of origin and production method to certification bodies. This use case investigates how a web-based system can simplify the quality certification and labelling process of organic and PDO wine. 


transparency in food quality

cost & input


Specific goals

  • Implement an enhanced certification system in one PDO wine (online audit & tracking);
  • Implement an enhanced certification system in at least four wine estates (PDO & organic).

Expected results

  • Reduced certification time (-10%);
  • Reduced use of paper (-50%);
  • Increased level of professional satisfaction of auditor, producer, and wine-maker;
  • Trust in certified quality food products.

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