Added-value weeding data

When growing organic vegetables, weeding represents one of the most important and frequent activities to control both the quality of the field and its produce. In recent years, automated intra-row weeding machines have entered the market, greatly facilitating the weeding process. The most advanced weeding machines use machine vision applications to distinguish crops from weeds. As the camera systems’ sensor data is a valuable information source, this use case collects location-specific camera data to provide insights on the number of vegetables growing on the field, the plants’ growth status and best harvesting moment, weed prevalence, nutrient shortages and drought stress.


production crop/m2




labour reduction

Specific goals

  • Collect and present individual crop information in a user-friendly way;
  • Enable information integration with farm management systems, service providers and machine manufacturers;
  • Optimise weeding management in time and place.

Expected results

  • Crop yield +5%
  • Efficiency in weed removal +5%
  • Fuel efficiency +5%
  • Required labor -5%
  • Track historical field performance +25%

Additional material

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