Poultry Chain Management

This use case intends to improve the performance of poultry production chain processes through IoT driven technologies. The focus lies mainly on the growth of poultry with respect to animal welfare and to achieve a desired and accurate end weight. This starts with an adequate environment in which the birds feel comfortable, as well as good-quality feed and water. In this use case IoT technology is applied at three critical points in the poultry chain: at the farm, during transport and in the slaughter house. All data will be collected on a central cloud-based platform. This platform is linked to a Smart Data-Analytics tool (Smart Farm Assistant), which can provide daily insights and early warnings based on the available data.


multimagnitude sensors



20 %

increase of class A birds

Specific goals

  • Monitor and optimise poultry growing processes at farm level;
  • Monitor and optimise broiler handling and transport;
  • Optimise slaughtering;
  • Improve rentability and product-market fit.

Expected results

  • Average weight flock +10 %
  • Feed waste -10%
  • Use of antibiotics -15%
  • Medical treatments -15%, indicating an increased animal welfare
  • Mortality during transport -15%

Additional material

  • Use case poster

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