Feed Supply Chain Management

The animal feed industry, mainly represented by feed suppliers and livestock farmers, currently faces great inefficiencies due to outdated supply chain management. Stakeholders struggle with the timing and quantity evaluation when restocking their feed silos, significantly affecting cost and labour efficiency. This use case thus develops an integral feedstock management system to optimise the entire supply chain. Smart volumetric sensors and 3D cameras are used to accurately calculate the silos' stock levels at a very low cost. Since the IoT devices are powered by solar energy, they can be easily installed and function fully independent. Stakeholders can access the information through an application, helping them to use resources more efficiently, reduce logistical efforts and therewith benefitting the environment.


silo sensors


CO2 emissions



Specific goals

  • Precisely estimate silo stocks;
  • Develop a reliable and cost-efficient solution to remotely monitor the feed stock of a silo;
  • Validate scalability to enhance broad market uptake;
  • Leverage IoT technologies, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud storage to optimise the animal feed supply chain;
  • Automate and optimise feed-stock inventories, production batches, delivery routes and raw material purchases;
  • Exploit potential synergies with other use cases.

Expected results

  • Logistic costs for suppliers -10%
  • Silo monitoring labour / year -22 days
  • Annual savings per silo 500€
  • CO2 emissions -15%
  • Decreased urgent orders queried by farmers
  • Silo sensors 325
  • Reduced inventory levels and production lots

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