Smart Orchard Spray Application

This use case demonstrates that plant protection products can be significantly reduced through IoT enabled and highly efficient smart sprayers. The precise and automatic adaptation of sprayers to specific field zones as well as individual plant conditions lowers farmers’ costs while mitigating the environmental impacts of cultivation. To continuously optimise the service, end-user feedback is considered during development cycles to ensure the integration into existing processes and software solutions on testing sites. Smart spraying technology supports the proactive prevention of application errors that result in crop damage or yield losses. In addition to that, the operating efficiency is increased through effective crop protection and instant information on treatment quality. As a result, this use case helps farmers to produce high-quality fruits in a sustainable and safe manner.


resource use


plant protection products


environmental impact

Specific goals

  • Enable the swift adoption of IoT based precision agriculture for tree crops;
  • Increase the sustainability of food production in Europe through significant reduction of pesticide use;
  • Cross fertilisation with existing use cases;
  • Avoid vendor lock-in through seamless interoperability and data exchange;
  • Increase training level and technical skills of European end-users (farmers);
  • Mitigate environmental impact with precise automatic smart sprayer adaptation;
  • Increase resource use efficiency without effects on crop quality or quantity.

Expected results

  • Plant protection products -25%
  • Highly efficient and effective crop protection
  • Mitigated environmental impact
  • Improve specific education of farmers
  • Reduced labour costs

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