Intelligent fruit logistics

Returnable Transport Items (RTI) for packaging and transporting fresh produce play a crucial role in getting fruit from the farm to the consumer’s plate. Millions of RTIs from different packaging pools are handled every day within and between thousands of companies in the supply chain. Those collaborating stakeholders have an urgent need to eliminate inefficiencies to assure product quality/safety and to protect their assets in these cross-company processes. Equipping these RTIs with tagged RFID chips opens the possibility to create smart networks. Increased traceability of RTIs makes resource planning, transport coordination and logistics from farm to fork much more efficient. 


measured rental trips



Specific goals

  • Develop a use case experimentation environment based on Euro Pool System’s existing traceability platform and GS1 industry standards (e.g. EPCIS) to have a testbed for IoT-enabled services for experimentation;
  • Analyze technologies with the goal of finding an economically-efficient solution that enables the sector-wide adoption of traceable RTIs;
  • Develop use case-related scenarios that demonstrate the advantages for small business owners.

Expected results

  • Workload for product flow documentation -25%
  • More than 10.000 measured rental trips
  • More than 1.000 transponders
  • Higher transparency
  • Less (food) waste
  • Improved food quality and safety
  • Lower CO2 emissions 

Additional material

  • Use case poster

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