Fresh table grapes chain

Table grapes are economically important products in the Mediterranean basin. The value of table grapes, more than any other crop, depends on the quality (i.e. colour, berry size, brix) demanded by consumers and supermarkets. Achieving high quality is not an easy task. Grapes are very vulnerable to pests, have a short shelf-life and can easily be damaged in every step of the supply chain.

Therefore, this use case will develop an IoT network to monitor the complete supply chain of table grapes from field to fork. At plant level, IoT technology can help to lower the use of water and crop protection products by developing a decision support system that combines weather data with soil sensor data. At field level, the use case will deploy a number of advanced IoT technologies such as ground and aerial robotic devices, fixed sensors and mobile sensors mounted on a tractor. In the transportation process, IoT technology can help to decrease the time between harvest and arrival at the shop, thus reducing spoilage.


improved water use efficiency


increased yield


higher quality of fruit

Specific goals

  • Improve the quality of table grapes;
  • Increase the production efficiency of table grapes;
  • Implement devices and tools at farm level, such as sensors, robots, drones and other measuring tools to measure various parameters;
  • Implement the use of a ‘smart label’ or modified atmosphere packaging after harvesting;
  • Reduce the ecological footprint of producing table grapes;
  • Implement an advisory system that can serve as an IoT training tool for farmers.

Expected results

  • Yield +15%
  • Crop value +10%
  • Water usage -20%
  • Shelf life +20%
  • Harvest rejection -20%
  • Post-harvest rejection -10%

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