Big wine optimisation

The EU is the most important producer of wine in the world in terms of value. The sector consists of more than 2.4 million vine growers, in small and medium-sized enterprises mostly. At the same time the wine sector is put under pressure by new wine producing countries such as China and the US. In order to keep the EU’s competitive advantage, wine producers in the EU need to innovate. Precision viticulture and remote vineyard monitoring are two promising new cultivation methods.

This use case will utilise IoT technology to monitor accurate weather conditions in real time, vine conditions (such as grape detection, phenological stages determination, and disease status characterisation) and key cellar conditions, thereby demonstrating the potential benefits of these new cultivation methods.


target portable water consumption per liter produced


reduction in pesticides and fertiliser cost


productivity gains / HA

Specific goals

  • Implement real-time weather condition monitoring at parcel and vineyard level;
  • Optimise potable water resources during wine production;
  • Manage a high number of vineyards with a high demand for data acquisition and handling;
  • Optimise the wine production and quality;
  • Reduce the costs related to the production and commercialization through increased resource efficiency;
  • Preserve the environment by lowering the carbon footprint, reduce water and electricity use and recycle vine and wine waste;
  • Comply with ISO 14001 and HVE 3 certifications;
  • Reduce risks associated with uncontrolled storage, shipment and management in post-cellar phases.

Expected results

  • Pesticide costs -20%
  • Fertilisers costs -20%
  • Productivity gains €400,-/ha
  • Average selling price per bottle +7%

Additional materials

  • Use case poster


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