Remote Milk quality

Central milk and dairy testing laboratories use InfraRed (IR) analyses instruments to analyze milk composition and quality. However, it is a challenge to keep analysis instruments well calibrated, controlled and monitored throughout the dairy chain. Therefore, this use case envisions a quality assurance service of locally obtained milk and remote dairy composition analyses through the use of sensor appliances. Analytical instruments will be monitored remotely and validated by use of reference samples, calibration sets and software applications. If necessary, adjustments can be carried out remotely.


remotely monitored instruments


calibration sets for instruments


reference samples

Specific goals

  • Have a positive impact on the profitability, sustainability, quality and safety of the dairy value chain; 
  • Provide reliable instrumental analysis (IR) for dairy processors and local testing laboratories;
  • Provide excellent maintenance, calibration and harmonisation of test facilities within an organisation;
  • Provide qualified operators or QA/QC officers for maintenance and calibration tasks of advanced analytical instruments;
  • Produce higher-quality dairy products at lower costs.

Expected results

  • Remotely monitored instruments >10-50
  • Companies enrolled in service >4
  • Products/matrices >2
  • Reference samples >12.000
  • Calibration sets for instruments >200

Additional material

  • Use case poster

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