Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) has the potential to address societal concerns related to animal welfare, lower the environmental burden of meat production and make resource use more efficient.  This use case focuses on the development of a range of cloud-based services that promote the implementation of precision dairy management with a focus on feeding and the reproduction of cows. An early warning system with real-time data, primarily derived from neck mounted collars, pro-actively alerts the farmer on any emerging issue. Furthermore, the data captured from animals in different areas will be collated and shared with a range of stakeholders to get more insight into the behaviour of healthy cows. 


improved animal welfare


better feed optimisation


growth of young farmer engagement

Specific goals

  • Implement a platform that will support multiple services;
  • Monitor animal health and productivity;
  • Respond in an appropriate manner to operational requirements.

Expected results

  • Improved animal welfare
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Enabled better resource management (feed optimisation) 
  • Increased young farmer engagement
  • Reduced production losses (due to early intervention)
  • Reduced greenhouse gas output per unit of product (milk)
  • Reduced use of veterinary interventions and medication

Additional material 

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