Happy Cow

The adoption of technology in the European dairy farming sector lags behind compared to other farming sub-sectors: less than 20% of all dairy farmers use fertility management tools and less than 10% use feed and health monitoring systems.

This use case aims to encourage a technology uptake in dairy farming by combining advanced big data analysis with machine learning technologies. This will allow the farmer to understand his animals better, detect issues at an early stage and get suggestions on potential solutions, thus increasing the farm’s productivity.

Calving time

in between calving time is decreased

feed intake


work-life balance

of farmers improved

Specific goals

  • Improve dairy farm productivity through 3D cow activity sensing and cloud machine learning technologies;
  • Detect health issues at an early stage and make their analyses more accurate. 

Expected results

  • Optimised reproduction rates
  • Decreased cases of Rumen Acidosis
  • Decreased cases of clinical milk fever
  • Decreased number of cows with lameness
  • Improve the farmers’ work-life balance
  • Optimised feed intake and time spent on observing the well-being of dairy cows
  • Improved understanding of cow behavior

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