Grazing cow monitor

The awareness of the potential negative impact of livestock farming on both the environment and animal welfare is rising in Europe. Dairy processors, NGOs and the general public challenge the livestock farming sector to provide dairy cows with more access to pastures. This can be used as an ammonia emission reduction measure while impact on cows' wellbeing still have to be demonstrated. At the same time, the livestock farming sector is searching for more efficient production methods, which often leads to less pasture time per cow.
This use case demonstrates an automated system that is able to track the position of the individual cow, to determine whether a cow is indoors or on pasture. Data on the time and location of cows will enable farmers to significantly decrease the time looking for cattle, to control ammonia emissions and label milk as coming from pastures. 


week long project


stakeholders evaluated


farmers across the EU reached

Specific goals

  • Test the grazing cow monitor at two dairy farms with 100 dairy cows each;
  • Organize demonstrations at five dairy farms in Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Expected results

  • Reaching 1500 farmers across the EU
  • Assessing 25 stakeholders in terms of interest
  • Reaching 85% accuracy classification of in/outside

Additional material

  • Use case poster

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