Traceability for food and feed logistics

This use case deploys an innovative approach that secures and authenticates the transport of bulk-goods in the agri-food chain, both for feed and food with zero risk of contamination. Animal feed and human food producers invest a substantial amount of resources to establish a safe and traceable process for their products up until they depart the production site. However, no further control mechanism exists for the transport and delivery of these goods to customers’ silos. As a result, bulk goods are often delivered to the wrong silo, causing contamination and damages for the customer. A fully automated silo detection system, using IoT solutions, guarantees that the right bulk contents are correctly delivered, and that the specifics of that delivery are registered. Therefore, this use case makes the whole process fully traceable and mitigates the risk of contamination.




successful detection


contamination rate

Specific goals

  • Create a significant impact on the supply chain;
  • Establish a control system for food and feed deliveries beyond the production site;
  • Mature the existing IoT technological solution for automatic controlled silo deliveries of feed and food e.g. at farmers premises or food processors;
  • Guarantee fully traceable delivery of food and feed via an automated identification system for silos at the end customer premises;
  • Create zero risk of contamination;
  • Perform diverse real-life field trials involving end-users.

Expected results

  • Robustness >95%
  • Succesful detection >95%
  • Contamination rate 0%
  • Compatibility due to system interoperability 99%

Additional material

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