Farm machine interoperability

One of the biggest problems farmers face is the interoperability of farming equipment due to different digital standards. This lack of interoperability is not only obstructing the adoption of new IoT technologies and slowing down their growth in Europe, it also inhibits the gain of production efficiency through smart farming methods. The use case aims to integrate different machine communication standards to unlock the potential of efficient machine-to-machine communication and data sharing between machines and management information systems.


increase in gross margin


predicted increase yield


in fuel consumption

Specific goals

  • Increase interoperability of agricultural machinery by optimising digital communication standards;
  • Demonstrate the benefits of agricultural machinery interoperability; 
  • Demonstrate the economic impact of data valorization from optimised IoT technologies.

Expected results

  • Yield +10%
  • Gross Margin +5%
  • Fuel consumption -10%
  • Farmers’ ability to invest in IoT technologies +25%
  • Soil fertility +10%
  • Farmers’ access to data +100%
  • Ratio between production volume and input +15%
  • Organic matter +5%

Additional material

  • Use case poster

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