Potato Data Processing Exchange

Being able to track produce back to the field regarding food security and quality, does not only support buyers and processors, it also helps farmers to identify problems and improve their yields in the following years. This use case opens data flows between stakeholders in the supply chain as an important step towards smart digital farming. The information and caliber measurments are gathered throughout the entire season through sensors mounted onto machinery, in addition to soil mapping performed by drones or satellites. Leveraging it enables potato processing companies to optimise logistics to ensure the continuous quality of their activities. Besides the technological components applied, this use case also addresses the growing demand for traceability among consumers in terms of food safety as well as quality.


increased yield


food waste


in fuel consumption

Specific goals

  • Provide access to processing companies about yield prediction and harvesting data and traceability information to integrate it in planning software;
  • Combine existing models like soil and topography mapping, thermal image analysis, weather data, potato emergence rate;
  • Assess the latest and best measurement principles related to potato caliber measurement during harvesting;
  • Optimise record-keeping to add value to the production chain and link storage to field locations;
  • Data improvement through life cycle management of developed visualisation algorithms;
  • Demonstrate the benefits of agricultural machinery data collection on the supply chain;
  • Increase the economic impact of data valorisation from optimised IoT technologies & data exchange;
  • Implement methodology and system for traceability of potatoes from field to shed.

Expected results

  • Yield +10%
  • Gross Margin +5%
  • Farmers’ ability & willingness to invest in IoT technologies +25%
  • Farmers’ access to data +100%
  • Reduce food waste -10% through alignment of supply and demand
  • Fuel consumption -10%

Additional material

  • Use case poster

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