This project's research activities officially ended in March 2021. Legacy in SmartAgriHubs Portal

IoF2020 - Position Paper on a Common European Data Space

This position paper shall provide input to the following questions pre-defined by the workshop organisers:

  1. Is the federation of some of the Farm Management System (FMS) platforms and other data platforms feasible?
  2. Assuming that the implementation option for the Common European Agricultural Data Space for agriculture is based on a federated distributed system of existing data platforms, what is needed to implement a European data space from a technical point of view (definition of the interoperability mechanisms)?
  3. How can we reach an agreement on a set of interoperability mechanisms (avoiding locking into existing platform architectures)?
  4. Are the suppliers of FMS ready to share their data? And willing to federate their data platform with other suppliers?
  5. Which existing platforms supported by ecosystems (at regional or national level) are already sharing data? In which sub-sectors are they sharing the data?
  6. Which public data sets would be of particular relevance for increasing the effectiveness of the Common European Agriculture Data Space?
  7. Are their experiences with taking public data sets as input to FMS, farmers` applications or agricultural data spaces?

Please find the full position paper here.


Project coordination
Dr. George Beers
Wageningen University & Research
Wageningen, The Netherlands
+31 70 335 8337

Project communication
M.Sc. Edwin Hecker
Schuttelaar & Partners
Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 502 2008

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