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The IoT Week in Aarhus: IoF2020 and SmartAgriHubs shaping the Smart Farming track

From 17 – 21 June 2019 the IoT Week in Aarhus, Denmark will take place. Both IoF2020 and SmartAgriHubs are present at this event where ‘innovative tech meets business and society’. They will host a series of interactive workshops in the Smart Farming Track and welcome the public to their booths to inform anyone interested about the progress of both projects.

The IoT Week
The IoT Week has been organised by the IoT Forum since 2011 and gathers representatives from industry and academia to promote international dialogue and cooperation on the Internet of Things. The previous edition in Bilbao attracted around 1000 visitors and participants specialised or interested in the IoT domain, from a variety of backgrounds: research centers, research projects, large industries, SMEs, developers and policymakers, including the European Commission.

The Smart Farming Track
The IoT Week dedicated one track on Wednesday to smart farming. Both IoF2020 and SmartAgriHubs helped shape the programme of the sessions in this track. Multiple project partners will share the progress of IoT deployment in the two Horizon 2020 projects through three different workshops. One session for example, discusses the IoT deployment within IoF2020: how does IoF2020 deal with challenges such as interoperability of the data, certification and standardisation, and the re-usability of components?

Exhibiting IoF2020
An important part of the IoT Week is the extensive exhibition. IoF2020 will host a 8m² booth within a 58 m² shared with other EU Large-Scale Pilots. Visitors will be able to experience real-life potato harvesting with virtual reality potato and will also have the opportunity to witness real time displayed satellite data. Furthermore, several IoF2020 Use Cases will share their achievements, which includes the highlight of IoF2020’s contribution to the IoT Week: two tractors equipped with GPS / RTK autosteering systems in the outdoor exhibition area.

Exhibiting SmartAgriHubs
SmartAgriHubs is also represented at the exhibition with a double booth. Here, people can play the special #IampartofSmartAgriHubs game and win a SmartAgriHubs mug. Visitors will have to guess as many languages spoken in the SmartAgriHubs ecosystem as possible. Moreover, the team will be organising focus groups at the booth to test the SmartAgriHubs innovation Portal that will be launched at the end of July.

A week of opportunities
The IoT Week is a great opportunity to introduce a wider public of researchers, policy makers, and businesses about the added value of Smart Farming for them. Next to this, it’s a place where likeminded people from similar projects that deploy IoT techniques can exchange experiences and best practices. Finally, it is an opportunity to meet all the familiar project partners from all over Europe that cooperate on a daily basis in both IoF2020 and SmartAgriHubs, face to face.


Project coordination
Dr. George Beers
Wageningen University & Research
Wageningen, The Netherlands
+31 70 335 8337

Project communication
M.Sc. Edwin Hecker
Schuttelaar & Partners
Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 502 2008

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