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As ICT-enabled farming goes mainstream, farmers fear getting locked-in with their suppliers

As data-driven farming models are taking off, farmers worry about the potential hurdles of combining and carrying farming and agronomic data from one provider to another, which would create a look-in situation for them.

A low-carbon agriculture: the European Parliament highlights the potential of a data-driven farming

In October 2014, the Member States agreed to curb domestic greenhouse gases’ (GHG) emissions by 40% compared to the 1990 levels. To achieve this goal, a revised regulation for including GHG emissions from the land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF) was proposed by the European Commission in 2016. The LULUCF regulation covers, among others, CO2 emissions and removals from cropland, grassland and forest management.

Extensive livestock farming is the new frontier for drones

While drone farming is usually associated with field mapping, crop health assessment or application of fertilizers, the potential of drones for the monitoring of the large cattle holdings remains untapped.

Open Call 4 - The Fourth FIESTA-IoT Competitive Call for Experiments

FIESTA-IoT provides tools, techniques, processes and best practices enabling IoT testbed/platforms operators to interconnect their facilities in an interoperable way based upon cutting edge semantics-based solutions.

The future of the food supply chain under DG AGRI’s spotlight

DG AGRI launched a public consultation on the future of the food supply chain. The stakeholders from the agriculture sector are invited to express their views on the unfair trading practices (UTPs) and the EU-wide measures fostering the fair competition in the food supply chain.

The fragmentation of the safety rules for drones on EASA’s plate

The market for the small-scale unmanned aircrafts remains fragmented. However, this is likely to change in the near future. But how this could affect farmers?

Global market for farming robots experiences unprecedented surge

Increase in the global meat consumption and diminishing of the available arable land and labor are propelling global market for farming robots, a British study found.

DG Agri: Data-driven farming to play a key role in the future CAP

The public consultations on the post-2020 CAP concluded that the data-driven farming and IoT technologies will cut the red tape and administrative costs.

Study trips to China for young European farmers

Young European farmers can now apply for two study trips to China (scheduled for November 2017 and June 2018). The deadline for submitting applications is 10 September 2017.

TP Organics Call on IoT solutions for Sustainable Diets

How do we move organic food and farming forward to ensure sustainability & health of our food systems? Innovation is one of the answers.

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