IoF2020 at Agritechnica

In case you are reading this article and have not heard about it yet, Agritechnica is the world’s largest event dedicated to agricultural technology. All the main stakeholders in the field have it planned in their agenda. Hence, we are not missing out either! The fair takes place every 2 years and is attended by half a million visitors.

At the last edition in 2017, IoF2020 was represented by its members and a tour of the exhibitors was organized. This year is a special edition as IoF2020 will not only be present but also showcased with use case presentations AND not one but two tours of the project members!

Our member 365FarmNet is hosting the project's use case representatives and also dedicates its projection screen to highlight 3 use cases:

This IoF2020 showcase will take place on Thursday, 14th of November. This day will gather an international crowd of farmers, advisors and technology specialists. The presentations will be given in 3 languages and follow a precise programme. Please find it below:

  UC Language
10:00 UC 2.6 English
10:30 UC 2.6 French
11:00 UC 2.6 German
11:30 UC 1.4 French
12:00 UC 1.4 German
13:00 - 14:00 365FarmNet Corporate Activity German/English
14:30 UC 1.1 English
15:00  UC 1.1 French
15:30 UC 1.1 German
16:00 - 17:00 365FarmNet Corporate Activity German/English

The tour of IoF2020 members will also happen on Thursday, 14th of November. Please find the itinerary of both groups and the companies we are going to visit below. Any interested party is welcome to join the tour! Please register in advance to Djessie Donkers (

The itinerary of Group 1 (you can download it by clicking on the picture):


The itinerary of Group 2 (you can download it by clicking on the picture):

So, dear reader, we hope you are as excited as we are about this upcoming event. See you in Hannover!



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