Meet us at IoT Week 2019

IoT is continually challenging the status quo and massively affecting our everyday lives. The potential for agriculture and beyond is enormous and applied IoT enables all of us to make better decisions for our environment. Hence, IoF2020 will contribute to this year’s IoT Week in Aarhus from 17th to 21st June, 2019 with the following programme parts:

We help to shape the Smart Farming Track Programme

Gathering speakers from the European Commission, technical managers, use cases managers and business oriented contributors, we ensure that our presentation reaches several audiences - from a tech-savvy crowd to operational managers and business leaders. Visitors will get the chance to find out about the challenges of smart farming, its concrete implementation in the field and its long term policy vision.

Meet us at our booth in the platinum area in the Musikhuset

The booth is part of a joint presence with the other EU Large-Scale Pilots. It will display videos about our project in general, present the new IoF2020 brochure which details the 33 use cases. Also, visitors will have the possibility to experience precision farming through Virtual Reality. An in-house built video from the use case Within-field Management Zoning takes the viewer behind the wheel of a potato harvester in a Dutch field. The viewer learns how IoT is leveraged for soil analysis and how data is used for the farmers’ benefit. In addition, a field zoning demo table displaying real time satelite data will allow the visitor to envision how accurate the field analysis can be and witness its potential for the farming business. In the IoF2020 booth, visitor can meet technicians and experts ready to explain their work and how they use IoT technologies in agriculture.

We contribute to the public exhibition in Ridehuset as well as outside

Some of our use cases gather in Aarhus to engage with visitors and share their achievements in IoF2020. IoT and its mannifold benefits are used in all agricultural sectors: from arable farming to meat production over vegetable growth. As a major feature the exhibition will include 2 tractors from Case IH. The tractors will display advanced farming systems (AFS) and are equipped with RTK autosteering and coupled GPS. One of the tractors is the 2019 Maxxum 145 equipped with GPS Steering & AccuTurn. GPS autosteering provides the user with accurate steering of the tractor, and RTK has the highest level of accuracy with 1,5 cm. AccuTurn enables the tractor to turn by it self on the headland. Combined with the HMC II (headland management) system, the driver only has to tab one button to complete all tasks in a headland turn. On Wednesday for the Smart Farming theme, two of our product specialist will be present to tell visitors about the displays such as AFS alongside other equipment.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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