IoF2020 Farm Panel at EuroTier 2018

We hosted a unique exchange about the benefits of digital farming and the future of farming at EuroTier 2018!

What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and how do farmers benefit from it? We offer field experience and knowledge from our use cases in the trial sectors dairy and meat. Our seminars at EuroTier2018 provide you with the opportunity to see, learn and ask how the use of IoT technologies like sensors is adapted to the specific needs of the farm and notably eases the daily management of tasks, bringing it to another level of precision. 

Below you can find the recordings of the Farm Panels we held at the event. They will give you new insights and practical knowledge about the following use cases:

Dairy Trial

  • UC2.1 - How is GPS tracking used for monitoring the grazing cows?
  • UC2.2 - How to monitor cattle health using artificial intelligence?
  • UC2.3 - How early warning systems with real-time data help with the feeding & reproduction of cows?

Meat Trial

  • UC5.1 - What added value will the use of data bring to pig farming and meat value chain?
  • UC5.2 - How to improve the performances of poultry production chain processes?

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