Smart Dairy Farming - Available Data Applied to the Farm

Within the project of SmartDairyFarming (SDF) companies, knowledge institutes, and dairy farmers work together to improve animal health, fertility, sustainability, and nutrition through an optimal combination of technology and data from the farm as well as involved partners.

SDF has developed a digital highway for farm-generated data. The fundamental principle of SDF is that the farmer remains the owner of his data. He or she decides which other parties are authorised to access the information. With the farmer’s consent, a data hub is used as a platform for multiple applications. The information on this platform is retrieved from several sensors and other technological devices on the farm. The data can be applied in index figures, decision-making models, process descriptions and advisory products that can help farmers establish the precise needs of individual cows and take better-informed management decisions. More informed decision making will lead to healthier, longer-lived cattle with higher lifetime production. In addition, SDF enables added value by reducing environmental impact, increasing food safety and improving chain-wide efficiency through more effective prediction of milk and phosphate production. 

The SDF project is an initiative of three cooperatives: Agrifirm, CRV and FrieslandCampina.

"Our goal is that data within the agricultural sector is actively shared and innovation is boosted, which ultimately results in improved performance in terms of sustainability, profitability and well-being," says Sener Celik, Manager JoinData.

In summary, adequate application of SDF will ensure that:

  • The environmental impact of dairy farming is reduced to below European standards (phosphate, nitrogen and carbon footprint);
  • Chain-wide efficiency is improved (prediction of milk and phosphate production);
  • Animal health and welfare is enhanced (reduced antibiotic use, greater longevity of cows, general animal health);
  • Food safety in the chain is improved (tracking & tracing).

This movie gives an impression on the use of SDF in daily practice.

To get to know more about the work of the IoF2020 dairy farming technology trials in the EU, have a look at the dairy trial section of our website.

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