Agrisource: the Open-Innovation Platform for Agriculture

In December 2017, the Agrisource free online platform was officially launched by the UN’s FAO. Agrisource is Europe’s first open innovation platform for climate-smart agriculture. The platform empowers international actors to implement climate-smart agricultural practices across the supply chain. It was established by INRA and CIRAD, and funded by the CSA Booster of Climate-KIC.

Agrisource responds to the need for opening access to knowledge and promoting an efficient sharing of experience between different players such as farmers, researchers, institutions, businesses, associations, policy-makers, citizens. It comprises ideas, projects, news, events and innovation that facilitate the achievement of two objectives for a sustainable agriculture: mitigating the green-house gas (GHG) emissions and adapting to climate change.

Agrisource enables you to create your own profile for sharing knowledge and experiences. Agrisource’s lead developer, Marc Nougier of INRA explains in an interview with the daily planet: “Innovation is built on experience sharing. In agriculture particularly, one can observe that agricultural systems evolve by collaboration: A farmer will pick a tool from his neighbour, adapt it to his farm, then pass it to the next farmer. Innovation spreads through formal or informal networks, and appears with most efficiency where information and knowledge are shared.” By making use of the links between profiles, the Agrisource engine can create a virtual map showing the networks of Players and Innovation. This aims to foster public-private partnerships in climate-smart agriculture, sustain CSA and drive cross-sectoral transformation across international agriculture and food value chains.

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You can watch the official launch of Agrisource here

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