Open Call 4 - The Fourth FIESTA-IoT Competitive Call for Experiments

The FIESTA-IoT Project announced its fourth Open Call for Experimenters. The call aims to target advanced and innovative developments, leveraging FIESTA-IoT's novel Experimentation as a Service (Eaas) platform built atop a federation of underlying IoT testbeds.

 Contrary to the previous calls, the fourth call for experiments will solicit innovative experiments in specific domains. Furthermore, proposals for experiments in the fourth open call can be submitted by both SMEs/industry and academia.

The working topics of the experiments can be in any FIESTA-IoT domain, but with strong preference on the following domains of interest for the fourth Open Call:

DM1: innovative experiments in the domains of agriculture and/or maritime, aiming to integrate data from various testbeds, showing the added benefits that the FIESTA-IoT can provide in those domains. 

DM2: innovative experiments with respect to energy consumption at data centers and indoor industrial/home environments.

DM3: experiments expanding the services provided by FIESTA-IoT, i.e. for assessing the quality/trustworthiness of the data provided by the testbeds, for predictive analytics, location based services or for virtualization on top of the FIESTA-IoT platform. 

Final submission deadline is 18 September at 17h Brussels time. For more details, please consult the following link

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