Global market for farming robots experiences unprecedented surge

Expanding industrialization, increase in the labor costs, land scarcity and the raising meat demand are requiring from the agriculture sector to adapt and increase its productivity.

That is where automation and farming robots come in. The farming robots can be divided into four categories: unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV), driverless tractors, milking robots and automated harvesting maxchines. The activity of these robots relays on the system of sensors and acutors, e.g. Internet of Things technology. In return, this allows the farming robots to collect and later on process imense ammount of data of relevance for, among others, optimization of the agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and herbicides. 

While driverless tractors held the biggest market share in 2015, UAVs are expected to take the lead in the coming years. The rationale behind this market trend is the relatively affordable price of the UAVs and their significant role in collecting data from the field. 

For more details on the latest trends in the global farming robots' market, please refer to the following study

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