Agrifood Forum - Emerging from the Crisis Stronger and Greener thanks to Digital Transformation

This year has been an abnormal one for the global, European and Lithuanian agri-food ecosystem. Hence, this year’s Forum focuses on how the Lithuanian agri-food sector can turn the crisis imposed by COVID-19 into an opportunity to reimagine the food systems on more fair and sustainable foundations.

The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated adoption of digital technologies on many sectors of the economy, with agri-food being one of them. Fluctuations in both demand and supply, labour shortages and restrictions in travelling are more and more motivating all actors in the agri-food value chain to look at technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things and Blockchain as the enablers of a more prosperous future under new circumstances.

At the same time, the Green Deal – Europe’s “Man-on-the-Moon” moment – has highlighted the need to make our food systems fairer, healthier and more environmentally-friendly. Extraordinary times require extraordinary actions. The Lithuanian agtech and foodtech ecosystem has proven its entrepreneurial spirit, technical talent and extrovert approach, but are those elements enough to bring Lithuania into the forefront of the post-COVID era?

The Forum will aim to explore how all actors can work together towards a future that secures safe and adequate food and preserves the environment without leaving anyone behind.


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