Smart Workforce Forum

SEMICON Europa attracts a highly influential audience from every segment and sector of the European microelectronics industries including semiconductors, LEDs, MEMS, printed/ organic/ flexible, and other adjacent markets. Exhibitor and attendees meet to enact change and address industry-shaping trends. 

One interesting event during the forum is on building a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable future. During this event, a representative of the IoF2020 use case on traceability for food and feed logistics will be presenting.

An interactive and energizing program where students will learn how technology is transforming leadership and enabling solutions to global challenges, while discovering leading microelectronics innovations and exploring career opportunities in the semiconductor industry.

Thought Leaders will share insights on:

  • Navigating Success in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World

  • Excelling as a Career Starter

  • How the Semiconductor Industry Enables Sustainable Development

  • How the Internet of Things is Helping Solve Global Challenges

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: Enabling the Data Revolution

  • Diversity and Inclusion for High Performance Teams

  • Leading in the Digital Age: How Technology is Reshaping Leadership

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