Smart Agrifood Summit

The Smart Agrifood Summit takes place in Malaga between 20th June and 22nd June 2018. Its goal is to address opportunities and challenges in the agrifood sector with global trends in demographic changes, digital technology, climate change, poverty and unequal distribution of resources.

Topics and work areas which the summit focuses on include among others:

  • Major conferences by main actors of the new digital economy
  • SmartAgriFood Summit 2018 Awards
  • BootCamp / Hackathon on challenges in the Agrifood sector
  • Exhibition of advanced technologies
  • Internet of things applied to the Agrifood chain
  • Artificial intelligence and cognitive technology applied to the Agrifood sector
  • Food and innovation (Technological innovation in the kitchen)
  • The new economy (Startups)
  • Circular Economy and Smart AgriFood

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