U4IoT Co-Creation Workshop for Smart Cities

Co-creation techniques are an important method to enabling smart cities’ projects to connect with the demands of citizens and municipalities. In collaboration with the City of Carouge, Mandat International, the University of Geneva (MAS on IoT), and SynchroniCity, the European project U4IoT is organising a four-day course and workshop on co-creation for smart cities from the 22nd – 25th of May in Geneva and the City of Carouge.

The program starts with two days of instruction on co-creation techniques for smart cities and methods for aligning Internet of Things projects with local stakeholders’ needs and priorities. It will bring experts from across Europe and will be followed by two days of co-creation workshops in Carouge where participants will get the chance to apply those techniques in a real environment.

Visits the event's homepage to see the workshop booklet.

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